Call for Speaker 2019

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Edition 2019

After 3 colorfull years, we are preparing the 2019 edition with its 2 days of « celebrations ». It will occures from friday 20 to saturday 21 of September 2019 in Bidart, at the ESTIA school. This year we wanted to adapt a little bit the event formula by mixing previous edition’s format

  • Talks and workshops all friday and saturday morning
  • Open-space on saturday afternoon.

Submissions (FR)

Limite Date : 31 may 2019 midnight.

Send us your talk/workshop proposal, its content doesn’t need to be complete, we will use it to build the program of friday and saturday morning.

Review and Selection

Each proposal will be reviewed and a selection will be done in order to propose the best possible experience to our participants. We will inform you by email during may/june if your proposal has been selected. A waiting list can be used until end of june, the time to have all presence confirmed.

When will the program be available ?

The speaker list will be communicated during june, gradually after each speaker confirmation. The full program will be published only when all is clear and confirmed. We We reserve the possibility of arranging it in case of unforeseen events. Of course, you will be consulted on eventual schedule or room shifting, if you’re impacted.


  • Free access to the conference
  • Lunch offered friday and saturday
  • Free Speakers aperitif/diner friday night
  • Surprise gift box


We propose a refund of travel and accommodation expenses(flight/train/toll/gas cost) on proof/invoice only.

It will be necessary to contact us beforehand for aggreement/approval and eventual limitation.

Some exemples :
  • From Paris ~300 euros
    • 1 flight round trip via Hop Go on friday 7h->8h30/back on saturday 17h35->19:00
    • 1 night in a hotel room + breakfast
  • From Bordeaux ~150 euros
    • 1 round trip by car or by train from Bordeaux
    • 1 night in a hotel room + breakfast
  • From Toulouse ~200 euros
    • 1 round trip by car or by train from Toulouse
    • 1 night in a hotel room + breakfast

Broadcasting Agreement

Each speaker undertakes to provide presentation support or a link to the shared media at the end of the conference for publication. Each speaker agrees that photos and videos taken during talks/workshops could be broadcast as part of the event.


You also want to support the event by becoming a sponsor, contact us, we will send you everything you need to satisfy your sharing desire.

Targeted “Personas”

Here are some Persona to target for your proposals :

  • Manage-Mante© (a wordplay about Management )

    IT Director, he has heard about agility, has read 2-3 articles about it, he thinks he knows major concepts, even if its teams doesn’t necessarly share this opinion.

  • VincentPO

    Product Owner, coding is not his cup of tea, but he infuses in business processes and diffuse his business knowledges to productions teams.

  • ChristopheManship

    Software Craftsman who cross the country searching for best pratices and people for echanges and extand his perspectives about his job.

  • Padawan

    Brilliant student in 2nd year, all concepts are a bit foggy for him, but he aims at starting the playground of working with a clearer or more precise overview of his futur work, in order to take the right way to go to the light side of the Force.