The first edition of Agile Pays Basque took place 23th-24th September 2016.


If you want to make a presentation, contact-us : agilepb [at] gmail [point] com

They will be present at Agile Pays Basque 2016 :

Yannick Ameur

Fabrice Aimetti

Claude Aubry

Alice Barralon

Denis Benoist

Isabelle Blasquez

Jean-Pierre Bonnafous

Sam Cranford

Thierry Gabriel Cros

Frédéric Duffau

Marc Dugue

Gregory Estrade

Frédéric Faure

Cyrille François

Arnaud Gonzales

Ivan Komaroff

Stéphane Langlois

Arnaud Lemaire

François Salazar

Régis Schneider

Fanny Walter

They already support us. Thank you !


Cluster Digital Pays Basque

Cluster Digital Pays Basque


Agence de Développement des Usages Numériques


Agile Training and Coaching


Association Duchess France

Agile Tribu

Agile Tribu